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Charlene Lee 的中文名為 Shulien Lee 李舒廉,擁有
Yale University 管理碩士學位, 主修Public and Private Management

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Our mission is to build Cupertino into a more advanced city.
Charlene lee

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Charlene Lee 李舒廉 將參選 2020年 11月Cupertino 市議員 . Charlene Lee 的中文名為 Shulien Lee 李舒廉,擁有Yale University 的管理碩士學位, 主修Public and Private Management. 先生曾擔任Samsung VP及 Intel 的Senior Director, Charlene Lee 任職Non Profit Organization 擔任 Director的職位,曾在私人公司擔任Financial Analyst及Financial Manager 等職位. 2004-2008 有 Real Estate Broker, Appraiser 等職照。 我將建設Cupertino 為一高級城市,要求警政透明化, 公仆有禮有效Lu。 大型建案透明化,如當選,愿協調各大公司CEO 在San Jose 及加州地價最便宜地區蓋大量低收入住宅及Homeless 的住宅及避戶所, 誠癥高中及大學 Intern

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How much do we need to pay for make Wolfe Road of Cupertino City to be clean and safe?Judge Evette Pennypacker assigned by former Governor Newson has involved in falisfing Court record of Nov 22, 2019. Falisfying Court Record is a crime. City of Cupertino, City Manager Debro Feng and Mayor Steve Scharff respond to this question. What is the reason to put a lot of homeless into Wolfe Street?Why did previous governor assigned Judge
All proposals by Democratic Party are not good for Asia Americans. So Asia Americans should not support Democratic Party. If passing ACA5, Asia Americans will be difficult to get admissions of UC. California Governors assigned bad judges to treat Asia Americans very bad. There are serious racial injustice in Court. Asia Americans will be used PC 1368 to deprive the rights of Jury trials. Cops treat Asia Americans worse than Black people. But nobody heard
Black people and Latin Americans can not afford to study in UC. We need to help more black people, white people and Asia Americans to study in UC and kick out Chinese students and ask them to go back to China unless President Xi Jing Ping admits that Taiwan and China are two countries, two Nations. China has ruined Hong Kong. It’s President Xi Jing Ping’s responsibility to train Chinese students. It’s not Trump’s responsibilities
So we can make sure there are enough Americans getting a better education. We should help Black Americans can afford to study in UC and make sure UCLA and UC Berkley can compete with Yale and Harvard ..private Universities. It’s stupid to use ACA5 to reduce 10,000 Asia Americans to let black students or Latin Americans to get admissions. We should cut the numbers of International students or prohibit international students to study in UC
Today, I hope Judge Michele Macay Macoy can talk about Ashley Cohen’s Court Evaluation Report at 9:00, Department  23, Feb 7, 2020 at Hall of Justice, West Hedding Street, San Jose, CA95113.  Judge Michele Macay Macoy knew Ashley Cohen lied in the Court report. But she used her report to jail me at Elmwood Corrention Center for 7 months, Rio Cosumes Correction Center, Elk Grove, California for two and half months and Napa State Hospital
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